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zwei Gastvorträge von Prof. Frank Fischer, Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA) am Fachbereich Politikwissenschaft und Soziologie der Universität Salzburg am Montag, den 15. Juni 2009 | um 14:00 Uhr undam Dienstag, den 16. Juni 2009 | um 18:15 Uhr

Thema des Vortrags am Montag, den 15. Juni 2009 | 14:00 Uhr:

“Citizens and Experts in Environmental Deliberation: Technical Knowledge in Practical Argumentation”

Abstract: This presentation examines the tensions between citizens and experts in arguments about environmental risks from an epistemological perspective. Much of the discussion of this topic has focused on the “irrationality” of the citizen, particular the citizen’s inability to understand or accept scientific findings and its implications for rational policymaking. Through a comparison of the formal logic of science and the informal ordinary language logic of argumentation, this analysis turns the issue around and questions the rationality of the scientist in decisions pertaining to public policy. In the process, the presentation will show that ordinary citizens rationally focus on important questions that scientific experts ignore or neglect. Epistemologically demonstrating the scientist’s need to integrate the citizen’s perspective, the paper concludes with an argumentative approach designed to bring them together.


Thema des Vortrags am Dienstag, den 16. Juni 2009 | 18:15 Uhr:

“President Obama and the Politics of Change: From Electoral Transformation to Economic Crisis”

Abstract: This presentation examines the election of Barack Obama to president of the United States from two perspectives. First, it assesses the historical significance of his election in terms of race and its political implications for the future of the country. While the country has not moved into a “post-black” era, the lecture discusses the way the election has signaled improved black-white relations, new opportunities for social advancement for Black Americans, and new political possibilities. The discussion then turns to an examination of President’s Obama’s efforts to deal with the economic crisis inherited from the Bush Administration. Given that Obama’s presidency will be judged by his ability to deal with this “Great Recession”, the lecture examines his policy responses and their likelihood of success.

Europasaal, Universität Salzburg, Edmundsburg, Mönchsberg 2, 5020 Salzburg

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